Why Landing Pages Are a Must-Have For Your Business Website

With a laser-focused message, sleek design and irresistible call to action, landing pages target your visitors towards effective conversions.

Amisha Singh


As a business, you put all your marketing efforts into getting visitors to your website. But what is the bridge that converts these curious visitors into committed customers? A well-executed landing page.

Like the name suggests it is usually the page where visitors land when they click on a link or an advertisement. In this digital realm where attention spans are fleeting, a landing page gives your visitors exactly what they need — clear, concise and captivating information and a targeted pathway to a specific action be it signing up for a service, purchasing a product, or joining the community.

With a laser-focused message, sleek design and irresistible call to action, a business can capture the attention of its visitors and skillfully persuade them towards effective conversions.

How Are Landing Pages Different From a Business Website?

Landing pages and an overall business website (or a homepage) serve very different purposes. The primary objective of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads or customers by encouraging them to take specific action. They are focused on a very specific goal and eliminate distractions.

On the other hand, a website homepage has a broader focus and showcases the overall brand, its values, and its range of services or products. It acts as the main entry point to your website and allows visitors to navigate through its various sections.

Landing pages are typically part of a brand’s larger website and serve as targeted entry points for specific marketing objectives. By incorporating consistent branding elements, navigation menus, and links to relevant pages on the main website, landing pages maintain brand cohesion and ensure visitors can explore more about the brand if desired.

A business can have multiple landing pages — each tailored to cater to different target audiences, promote specific products or services, or highlight unique value…