(Pseudo)-Secularism: A Threat to our National Identity

Breaking down the systematic Hindu oppression and minority appeasement.

Amisha Singh
4 min readAug 11, 2020
Courtesy of Udayaditya Barua

Secularism. The word seems to trend every now and then in India, and not very surprisingly, this ‘secular’ spirit usually comes to be seen when it’s about welfare of the majority.

Last time I checked, secularism meant equal treatment of all citizens, and equidistance of every religion in a democracy.

However, it now seems that secularism has become an umbrella term for minority appeasement, and distancing from majority beliefs.

Most of those claiming to be secular in India are actually anti-BJP or anti-Hindu. In order to be seen as politically-right and of a liberal approach, these secularists have been putting down our Hindu heritage ever since the Nehru era.

For the longest time, our country was ruled by a government that used ‘secularism’ as a political trick to privilege the minorities in exchange for votes. This created a coercive milieu wherein Hindutva started to be viewed as backward, and the minorities as victims.

In his book - The Discovery of India, Nehru mentioned his “unease with Dharma” and seemed to be oriented by Islamicate. When it came to non-Hindu religious concerns, they were addressed…



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