I'm glad you liked the article!

Also, about your question,

If you're talking about the highlighted 'post-analysis' of campaigns, then no, there aren't necessarily any technicalities.

You just need to evaluate all the areas where you put in your marketing efforts, and observe that which performed better or paid off more. This is important so that you can invest your time, effort and money in a more efficient way in your next campaign.

If its about SEM, then there are various user friendly tools by Google that help you evaluate how your Google Adwords campaigns have fared. This can help you with more efficient budget allocation.

As these tools are user-friendly, you can easily get started once you explore the interface a bit, and refer to their help center - https://support.google.com/google-ads/?hl=en#topic=9803759 in case of difficulties.

Hope it helped! :)

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