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I write about coding and web development, marketing, lifestyle, and some occasional prose and poetry!

Amisha Singh
2 min readMay 28, 2021


Hey! Welcome to my profile. Make sure to check out my ‘Lists’ for an index of articles by category, including a list of my technical articles under the name ‘Coding and Development’.

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About Me

I’m Amisha Singh, a 20-year-old from India who writes to voice opinions, share knowledge and sometimes convey the unfathomable through words. I joined Medium in May 2020 and since then, have written pieces on a wide range of topics including but not limited to — technology, marketing, politics, crypto, lifestyle, programming, etc. each of them reflecting my areas of interest.

Apart from being an Engineering Undergraduate, I am also a Journalist with News Portal The Tatva, and occasionally share some of my journalistic pieces here as well. To check out my other articles, you can visit my author page below.

Keeping aside my editorial interests, I’m also a programmer and tech enthusiast, currently working on web development. I'm always eager to learn about up-and-coming technologies, especially their integration with marketing, and web content writing!

To know more about me, read the article below:

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Amisha Singh

I write about marketing, facts and opinions on current affairs of India and the World, and the occasional Prose & Poetry - the closest to my heart.